Guayaquil surroundings

The city surroundings offer some of the most beautiful and interesting activities, that is why we recommend these fascinating tours with magnificent views, exotic activities and stimulating gastronomical options.

Tours From Guayaquil

El Chaparral – Visit this lovely farm and take a closer look to the Ecuadorian coastal lifestyle. This one day tour offers interactive and entertaining activities such as harvesting cacao seeds, plantain bananas and learn about the process of chocolate and plantain tortilla, also you will help the farmers to collect fruits and make fresh juice for your lunch.

Manglares Churute – Enjoy this magical ecological reserve with the largest mangroves gathering in the country. During the trip, you will observe how the coastal fishermen work in particular and systematic ways. Also, you will spot several species of birds as Neo Tropic Cormorant, King Fisher, Osprey, several Herons and the Roseate Spoonbill.

Cerro Blanco – Get ready for a curious and delightful hike through intriguing landscapes and impressive fauna. “Cerro Blanco” or The White Hill is known for its variety of flora and fauna species along with some endemic and fascinating breeds. This hike will show you appealing and charming routes through the dry forest and you will learn about the trees and plants growing programs they promote.

Hacienda La Danesa – Beautiful working farm about 1,5 hours from Guayaquil. The owners give you a warm welcome and you will enjoy a high cuisine local lunch. You can also milk the cows, go biking, horseback riding or tubing on their own property.

Cuenca & Hacienda La Danesa –  You will enjoy a day at the local hacienda “La Danesa” which is a working farm with delicious local food and fun activities. In the afternoon you will drive to Cuenca (3,5 hours). You will visit the colonial city of Cuenca, capital of the Azuay province. It is widely regarded as the most European city in Ecuador due to its 16th and 17th century era Spanish colonial architecture.

Puerto Lopez & Isla de la Plata – Get ready for the Ecuadorian Pacific Coast tour. Here you will visit a town named Puerto Lopez located on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, where you will take a boat to Isla de la Plata. An Island similar to Gala[pagos but much closer to the mainland. If you go between the months of June and September, you might have the amazing opportunity to see Humpback Wales. Never the less, if you don’t, it is still a beautiful destination and a must to visit while in Ecuador.

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