In order to be part of responsible tourism in developing countries Rebecca Adventure Travel is committed to the Responsible Travel Strategy. Our goals are to be as social, ecological and economical responsible as possible. This was recently rewarded with the Distintivo Q Certificate of quality and sustainability.

All travelers receive a “Travelers Code of Conduct” (Local Guidelines for Guests) with recommendation how to communicate with locals. There are also tips and tricks in how to eliminate waste and how to help the local communities.

Besides the responsible travel goals and guidelines Rebecca Adventure Travel is supporting an amazing foundation in the South of Quito that stimulates youth to develop their talents.

Local Dreamers



Rebecca Adventure Travel received the Distintivo Q Certificate with an outstanding score of 83%.

The Distinctive Q Certificate is a recognition from the city of Quito for companies that implement sustainable and qualitative practices in tourism. These companies need to offer premium services and contribute to raising the quality of tourism in the Quito area.

Rebecca and her team are dedicated to continuously educate themselves about sustainable tourism and implement it in their daily (business) practices. For this certification Rebecca and Michael attended several seminars about, amongst other things, environmental issues like pollution and waste management.

Afterwards the city of Quito came to the Rebecca Adventure Travel offices to inspect the implementation of environmental, social, quality and business practices. Their positive evaluation was rewarded with an outstanding score of 83% and the Distintivo Q Certificate.

Responsible travel - certificate distintivo Q

Rebecca Adventure Travel is proud sponsor of the ‘Local Dreamers foundation’ in Quito

The mission of Local Dreamers is to offer a safe environment in which Ecuadorian children and youngsters between the ages of 6 to 16 year, regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic background, can discover and develop their talents. Local Dreamers create self-sustaining projects, which will be in time governed by the inhabitants of the project areas (the poor area’s of Quito). Within 10 years the role of Local Dreamers in the projects will be limited to advising and controlling. Local Dreamers are using sports and games, language, creativity and (intercultural) communication to stimulate the personal and social development of Ecuadorian children and teenagers.


As an Amigo (donator) of Local Dreamers, you can help us make a difference. You decide on how much to donate. Support in the form of tools, knowledge or useful network connections is very welcome as well. You can also help by donating new or used football shoes. The money or tools that you donate will only be used for the projects. For each project Local Dreamers keeps close track of all income and expenses. The Local Dreamers are more then happy to inform you on how your donation is being used if you would like that.

Rebecca Adventure Travel will take care that the articles you bring to Ecuador for the Local Dreamers will be delivered at their office in the North of Quito. But of course, you can bring this things yourself also if you want. It is really a nice experience to see the Local Dreamers at work.

It is possible to donate through periodical money transfer or to make a single donation to IBAN NL49 TRIO 0254484379 on behalf of Stg. Local Dreamers, Thanks!

Volunteers at Local Dreamers

No day is the same as a volunteer at Local Dreamers.The programs are very flexible and are adjusted to the needs of the communities. As a volunteer you are absolutely not a puppet or an unheard voice within a large organization. On the contrary, Local Dreamers regards each Volunteer as an important and creative being, which is highly needed for the continuation and optimization of the projects.Take a look at all the different projects they offer.

As a sponsor, Rebecca Adventure Travel has various special offers for Volunteers (and relatives) of the Local Dreamers.

More information about this great organization


Please send us an email of you have questions or complaints regarding the Responsible Travel Strategy.