Quito is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, because of the many Spanish influences that are to be found in this big city. It was founded in the 16th century on the remains of an old Inca Town. The houses are built in the Spanish/Moorish style and the churches have the typical Spanish-colonial architecture.
Located in the Andes, on the foot of the Pichincha volcano, the city has an altitude of 2,850 meters. To acclimatize to this altitude,  it is very nice to do one of our Quito city tours. Visit Quito and dive into the history of the Spanish conquistadors!


During one of our Quito city tours, you can visit the churches and view points in Quito, via a private city tour.
It is also possible to see more of the Andes in one day. We have a new tour in which we combine the Old Town and Papallacta. You can start the day with a city tour, and later you can find yourself in a relaxing thermal bath in Papallacta.

You can also visit the Equator, located just above Quito. In the meantime you will also learn about ancient tribes that used to live on the equator. While visiting the equator, why not make a stop at the Pululahua crater as well? It has a diameter of 6 km and therefore it is the biggest volcanic crater on the American continent. Also it is one of the only two inhabited craters world-wide. During this tour, you can also decide to visit the Teleferico. Here you can have a beautiful view over the city from the Pichincha volcano. This is a half-day tour, either starting in the morning or afternoon so it is easy to combine on arrival or departure days.

Or are you more interested in the Ecuadorian cuisine? In the four regions of Ecuador we have different meals. While exploring a typical food market of Ecuador, you can learn about what the Ecuadorian people eat. Then you will prepare your own vegetarian and Ecuadorian meal and have a delicious lunch!

You can’t choose which one you want to do, or you would like to have some more information? No problem! You can contact us and we will help you.