Enjoy a cultural day 1,5 hours north of Quito during an Otavalo market day tour. Otavalo is also called the ‘indigenous capital of Ecuador’. The area is special because there are still a lot of Indigenous people (Kichwa) living here. The culture is still so very much alive, you can almost feel it while strolling the market. During the tour, you will also visit a local bizcocho factory (a biscuit). The landscapes on the road already make your day, since you will driving through the real Andes. During the tours, you will visit even more stunning places and nature sceneries. You can choose between a shared day tour, or a private day tour. You can find information about the places you will visit during this tour below. During a shared day tour, you will visit Otavalo with a group of other tourists. During a private day tour, you will visit the indigenous capitol with just you and your group.


Otavalo Market Day Tour – Shared

During the shared tour, you will have several stops to admire during the day. Your first stop will be the Quitsato Mitad del Mundo museum. Here you can learn about the equator. Then you will visit a local restaurant where they also make biscochos, the local snack. You can also try them if you want. Also you will visit a view point, before going to the market itself, where you can stroll around and buy your typical Ecuadorian souvenirs. Then you will visit Cuicocha lake. This is a lake with an amazingly stunning view. On both sides. You will have a view upon the lake with two smaller islands, which were created by volcanic activity, and a view upon a valley with a volcano on the other side. Before returning back to Quito, you will visit Cotacachi Leather Town. Here you will also have lunch. You can stroll around for a while and back in Quito you can enjoy the memories of the day.

The price for this tour starts from $50,- per person.

You can find more information about this tour via this link.

Otavalo Market Day Tour – Private

If you decide to do the private day tour, you will have a private driver/guide and private transportation. Your day will start at a Condor Rescue Center. Here you can learn about these majestic birds, fighting extinction. This center was founded by people, fighting in name of these birds, to try to protect them. Here you can also enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate and a biscocho, before the bird show. Then you will go to Otavalo, to stroll the market and to buy your typical Ecuadorian souvenirs. After lunch in this cosy town, you can either go to Cotacachi leather town or to Peguche. Here you can find waterfalls in this eucalyptus forest. It used to be a sacred location for the Incas, and it is still a place for religious ceremonies. You can hike around the waterfalls and go into the Peguche cave.


The price for this private tour starts from $60,- per person.

You can find more information about this tour via this link.