My name is Michael, I am 25 years old born and raised in Ecuador. Traveling and living abroad has always been one of my main interests so I decided to go explore the world and live abroad for some time. My first destination where I lived for 1 year was the U.K., including England and Scotland. After this short year, I decided to do my studies in The Netherlands and lived there for 5 years. After obtaining my degree of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Tilburg University, I decided it’s time to go back to Ecuador to my own roots and apply everything that I was able to learn during this period of time.

After being back for some time I realized that my passions include a wide variety of interests but I have always had a strong interest in the different sides that Ecuador has to offer. This includes a lot of different traditions within the country, to a wide variety of wildlife and nature. Ecuador is certainly a unique place in the world so now while working here I am fully committed to facilitating the traveling experiences of the people that decide to visit us from other sides of the world. It is my belief that through traveling one can learn much from the world as well as from oneself, so I am here to make that happen for the everyone in the best way possible.