Hi there!

My name is Karin Velarde, I’m 26 years old and  I was born and raised in Quito Ecuador. I did my Bachelor’s degree at BYU-Idaho in the States.  At first I decided to pursue a career in Medicine but then, I realized I had a bigger passion for Marketing and Businesses.

I did a 4 year career to get my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Marketing at BYU-Idaho in the States. Idaho it’s located at the border with Canada so you can imagine how cold it gets (brr)

I’ve had the opportunity to travel within my own country, to Colombia, to Peru, to United States and parts of Europe. For me it’s very important to understand and appreciate other people’s customs and more than anything to love and appreciate our world. I love to learn more about people and new languages.

In Rebecca Travel I’m in charge of the Website and Digital Marketing Management.  

Ecuador has a lot to give not only to current and future tourists but, also to residents of this amazing country. There are gems hiding at plane sight, like the Cotopaxi Volcano which I’m lucky enough to see it almost every day on my way home.

You will leave full with amazing memories and experiences like no other. Welcome to Rebecca Adventure Travel hope you have a great time! #AllyouneedisEcuador