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Because we are growing very fast we are looking for new people who would like to join our organization in Quito, Ecuador!

Rebecca Adventure Travel is a young and innovative travel agency, focused on authentic travels in Ecuador & Colombia. We offer a dynamic work environment in Quito. We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic and driven persons, who would like to grow together with us in the travel industry! 

This is a video impression of one of team weekends:

Immediate start:

Rebecca Adventure Travel Operational Manager Quito

Rebecca Adventure Travel Job Offer Senior Travel Agent

Rebecca Adventure Travel Job Offer Galapagos Coordinator

If you are interested in working for us but can not find any appropriate job listed on our webpage at the moment, do not hesitate to send us an open application. We are always looking for new interesting people who think that they can reinforce our team. We are looking for motivated, ambitious and preferably Dutch speaking people that do not mind to work for a local salary here in beautiful Ecuador. Contact us for more information.


At Rebecca Adventure Travel we offer three different internships; an online marketing, marketing & communications and a social media internship. The internship allowance is 150 USD a month. Please click on the PDFs to find all detailed information.

August 2018 start:




Please send your CV & motivation to if you are interested.

Experience from other interns:

Hi, my name is Tes
I worked for Rebecca Adventure Travel from May up to September 2016 for my internship. I am a student Tourism, with the specialization Tour Manager. During my time here, I worked a lot at the office. Whenever we received a booking, I needed to inform the operators and make vouchers. Also, I helped with uploading of new tours on our website and other platforms. Whenever we had a booking for a private day tour, I operated it. I took care of the group and told them information about the place we were going to. I liked doing this the most, since doing tours is my passion. We have a lot of tours from KLM people, a dutch airline company. They are staying here in Quito, waiting for their next flight. In the meantime, they can explore this beautiful country through our company.
During my time here, I met new people, got to explore a new country and a new culture. I would recommend doing an internship abroad to everyone. You get to know new places, cultures and people; and you can develop yourself. I loved my time here: I am working for an amazing company, in an amazing country. I hope, that you will love your time here as well, doing your internship here, at Rebecca Adventure Travel.

Hola, my name is Jereco.

Last April I have been lucky enough to be part of the team at Rebecca Adventure Travel for 5 months. Back then, I was a third year International Tourism and Travel Management student. As part of my study I was obligated to do an internship abroad. I have always been interested in Latin America and I found the vacancy of Rebecca Adventure Travel and I gave it a shot. So, there I was for the first time in Ecuador and in South America. I had a few days to get settled in Quito before my internship began. I started in April as an (Online) Marketing Intern. Of course, the first day might be scary but don’t worry. Rebecca and your colleagues will be always around to help. As an (Online) Marketing Intern my main responsibility were to update the website, work with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Google AdWords and find new platforms to upload tours on. For me, this was the perfect mix of activities. You will never get bored since there is always something to do. Plus, you will have a lot of freedom so you are able to decide where to work on every day. Before my internship I had just basic knowledge about the previous mentioned tasks. However, you don’t have to worry. Rebecca and your colleagues are always there to help you out and as time pass by you will get familiar with everything quickly enough. That is also one of the benefit working at Rebecca Adventure Travel. You are really part of the team and everybody is ready to help each other whenever they can. I have no doubt about whether you will enjoy working with the team because you will. The team is very open and beside working hard they like to have fun as well. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful Ecuador. You will see a lot of breath-taking sights and you will discover different cultures of the country. These 5 months goes by so fast so you better enjoy every minute of it. I hope you will have an amazing experience working at Rebecca Adventure Travel and enjoy exploring Ecuador. Ama la vida!