My name is Jitske – a typical Dutch name and definitely not the easiest name when living abroad, but the good thing about it is that it always gives a subject to talk about- I am born and raised in The Netherlands, but when I turned 18 years old I decided that the Netherlands was too small for me and I started spending time all over this beautiful world (USA, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Latin America). In 2014 I wrote my bachelor thesis in Lima, Peru and this is when Latin America got me. I decided that I did not wanted to leave. I finished my Masters degree as fast as possible and went back to this continent I fell in love with. The reason why I love Latin America so much is because of its exotic nature, diversity, very friendly people, latin music (Reggaeton!), little chaos and great food. After numerous months traveling all over, I ended up in Ecuador and decided that I wanted to stay in this country that has so much to offer. So I based myself in Quito, bought a bicycle and bike to work everyday to share my passion and help people who also want to get to know Ecuador. If you feel like traveling in Ecuador yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me and I am happy to help you out. Cheers 🙂