Hola a todos!

My name is Guusje Gerritsen, I am 25 years old and born and raised in the Netherlands. I have always had a great interest in people, other cultures and languages. Given my interest in other people, I decided to study psychology and started working in this field. Although I liked this, the idea of going abroad was still appealing to me. During my last trip in 2017, I traveled through Latin America and fell in love with the friendly people, Spanish language, the stunning nature and of course, the great (laid back) ambiance. And although I enjoyed traveling a lot, I realized that I would love to actually live in Latin America for a while to really experience the country and its culture and improve my Spanish. Therefore, only 2 months after I returned to the Netherlands, I decided to go Quito for several months. So here I am!

I would love to make your trip to Latin America a memorable one, just as mine!