Interested in Ecuador’s most largest and modern city? Visit Guayaquil, with its modern boulevards and its hidden and enchanted architecture.

Rebecca Adventure Travel offers a variety of tours inside and out Guayaquil, “La Perla del Pacífico”. This city is the largest of Ecuador, containing approximately 2.3 million people. It stands at the foot of the Guayas river, which is also the largest delta in the Pacific Ocean. Guayaquil was founded in 1547 as “Santiago de Guayaquil” and carries a great story from the colonial period until the present.

Modern and Colonial architecture

City tour – Enjoy this special and vibrant city with our two interactive schedules. In the morning you will take advantage of the day waking up early, diving into the city’s energetic environment and visiting the most famous buildings and plazas. In the afternoon you will spot further highlights along with the city’s most important sightseeings and you will be able to combine activities with the morning schedule to enjoy this city at its fullest.

Panoramic night tour – Take a ride through the most important cultural attractions illuminated with magnificent set of lights and hike up to the typical and cozy “Las Peñas” neighborhood. Here you will appreciate a unique architecture style with nice multicolor houses. “Las Peñas” neighborhood is located in a panoramic hill with a staircase of 444 stairs. Prepare to hike up until the top of this elevation where is a view point with a small lighthouse and a very nice church.

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