As one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, Ecuador is a playground for adventure traveling. Nowhere else in the world can you climb a glacier-peaked mountain one day, hike through a cloud forest the next and end up at any number of white water rivers in the Amazon Basin. In addition there are the beautiful pristine coasts on the Pacific Ocean and the incredible Galapagos Islands. Quito is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ecuador’s capital. It’s considered the cultural capital of South America and the second most important city of the old Inca Empire.

Because Ecuador is such a magical country Rebecca decided to stay and start her own travel agency. All tours that you find via Rebecca Adventure Travel are selected by her for the high quality and guarantee you an authentic travel experience. Please visit the “about us” section for more info.

New years: 1st of January
Battle of Pichincha: 24th of May
Simon Bolivar Day: 24th of July
Foundation of Guayaquil: 25th of July
Independence day Quito: 10th of August
Independence day Guayaquil: 9th of October
Day of the deaths: 2nd of November
Independence day Cuenca: 3th of November
Foundation of Quito: 6th of December
Christmas: 25th and 26th of December
Carnaval, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost are also celebrated but the dates are different each year. Almost all public facilities are closed on these dates.

The main language in Ecuador is Spanish, but there are areas where they still speak their ancient language Quechua. In the main tourist areas they also speak English.

The local currency in Ecuador is the US Dollar. You can use your credit card in the main touristic areas and in the big hotels. In the ATM your European or American cards usually work but there is a maximum of 500 USD that you can take each day. We advise you to bring dollars in cash. In Ecuador you only get 5, 10 or 20 USD bills out of the ATM. Also change is a big problem. So please be careful when bringer 50, 100 and 200 USD bills.

You need a passport with a validation of 6 months upon return in Europe. You can stay without a visa 90 days per 12 months in Ecuador.

Check in: In general from 3pm
Check out: In general before 11 am

The Ecuadorian kitchen is famous for its delicious soups. Every lunch (almuerzo) consists of a soup, main dish with rice and a fresh juice. In the highlands you will find a lot of dishes with chicken, corn and potatoes. At the coast you will find more seafood. There is a spicy sauce that is served with every meal. It is called ‘Aji’ and is made of tree tomato, cilantro, onion and chili pepper. If you are interested in the local dished, please go to this link to find some recipes.

If you are booking a flight to the Galapagos please be very careful that you book flights for tourist and not for residents. There are usually cheap flights available for residents/ Ecuadorians but when you book these and then arrive at the airport it is possible that you should pay a fine. Furthermore if you are flying to the Galapagos please take into account the extra procedures.

You should be at the airport in Quito 3 hours before your flight. When you arrive at the Quito airport, you will need to purchase your INGALA card ($20, CASH only) and go through luggage inspection (SIGAL) prior to flight check in. Once these steps are completed, please proceed to the ticket counter of your airline with your original passport and ticket for flight check-in.

Upon arrival to the Galapagos Islands, you will pay your park entrance fee ($100, CASH ONLY), and will meet your tour group outside the airport.

Since Ecuador is located on the equator there are almost no differences between winter and summer. You can travel to Ecuador all year round.
Pacific coast: the whole year hot and in June-November a bit misty and rainy from time to time. But that is also the period when you can spot whales.
Highlands (Quito and surroundings): during the days around 20°C but at night it could get cold really quick. Between november- march there is rain season which means that in the afternoons there is a chance of rain. In the cloud forest the chance of rain is a bit higher mostly in the afternoons.
Amazon: Around 25 °C during the day but at night it can be a bit colder. Rain season between March and July. It is always humid.
Galapagos: Always hot on the Galapagos Islands but there are 2 different seasons:
– December – May: average temperature of 25°C – 29°C and not much wind. This is the perfect season for snorkeling and diving.
– June – November: not that warm, almost no rain and bit more wind. The sea is full of big fish like sharks and manta reys.

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