Rebecca Adventure Travel organizes tours and trips to different countries in South America. The countries Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador were part of “Great Colombia”, which was a republic that was formed to strengthen their independence that started since 1810. The nation was led by Simón Bolívar and it lasted from 1819 till 1830, it didn’t last very long because of the political differences between the countries. Still, the countries have some similarities, which makes them so interesting to visit.

The Andes Mountains or in Spanish ‘La cordillera de los Andes‘ passes through seven South American countries, three of those countries are Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador. This is not the only similarity. You can also visit the famous Amazon rainforest in the three countries. Which makes the countries a perfect destination for every nature-lover, but not only nature-lovers will find what they are looking for. The countries also offer a great variety of culture.

Peru is situated in the western side of South America and its capital is Lima. Peru is the home to the Incan Empire, one very famous pre-Colombian site is Machu Picchu, which is an old Inca-citadel located in the Cusco region of Peru. Machu Picchu is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site and is voted one of the new seven wonders of the world. In the Cusco region, you have some Inca sites and Cusco which is the main city of the region and was once the capital of the Inca Empire.

Machu Picchu, Peru Rebecca Adventure Travel

Machu Picchu

Colombia is located in the northwest side of the South American continent and its capital named Bogotá, which is the largest city of Colombia and located in the Andes. The country borders at both Pacific and Caribbean coastlines. At the Caribbean coastline, there is a city called Cartagena. This city is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of its pre-Colombian past. Another important city in Colombia is Medellín. Medellín is the capital of the Antioquia Province and is known for its annual flower festival.

Cartagena, Colombia

Ecuador has four regions: the Pacific Coast, the Andes, the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. The capital of Ecuador is Quito and its largest city is Guayaquil. Because of the different regions, there is a variation in the tourist attractions. At the Coast, there are different beach towns like Montañita. The Sierra has different volcanoes that you can visit, for example Cotopaxi and Cayambe. Then there are a couple cultural cities and towns, for example, Cuenca and Otavalo. Last but not least there are the Galapagos Islands. These are an archipelago of volcanic islands that have a variety of different flora and fauna. Some of the animals were studied by Charles Darwin in 1831 that was writing his book ‘Origin Of The Species’.


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