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This gastronomical tour is a nice way to get to know about the cuisine of Ecuador. You will get the chance to learn about vegetarian meals and how to prepare them. In the morning you go to a local fruits and vegetable market with a guide and he will teach you about the different fruits and vegetables in Ecuador. You also get to taste some of them. After that you have the actual cooking workshop at restaurant La Cuchara de San Marcos. This restaurant is specialized in vegetarian food. Their objective is to care for our planet by the use of fair trade organic products, art and recycling. They have an exhibition of art, crafted with recycled products for tourists to enjoy, so this is not just a gastronomical tour. Together with the workshop this is a very entertaining and informative experience.

The tour will start at the restaurant. From there you will walk to either the Santa Clara or the La Floresta market. Where you will buy the organic products that you are going to use in the workshop. Your guide will explain you about the different kinds of fruit and vegetables this country has to offer. You will also get to taste some of them. Then you will return to the restaurant where the gastronomical tour will start.

Note: All hours are approximate, except for the starting time.

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Schedule Itinerary
10:00 Start of the tour at restaurant La Cuchara de San Marco. From here you will be brought to the nearest market to get ingredients.
11:30 A walk back to the restaurant
12:00 Start cooking workshop
13:30 Vegetarian lunch
15:00 End of tour

All ingredients needed for the workshop
Bilingual guide
A brochure with recipes and review of Ecuadorian food
1 Local beer, tea or coffee

Transport to the restaurant
Optional tips for the guide

$50.- p.p. Based on 3 people or more
$70.- p.p. Based on 2 people


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