My name is Friederike but usually friends, family and colleges like to call me Riki. I am from Berlin, Germany, but have lived in different countries all over the world when I grew up. I love traveling, cultures, nature, science, music, food and sports. In my free time I love to do birdwatching, capoeira, bike tours and hikes.

I live in Ecuador for one and a half years now and have spent much time here some years ago doing volunteer work and internships in nature conservation during my studies as a biologist. That is when I fell in love with this country, landscapes, biodiversity and people.

Having the opportunity to work in a place where I can help more people from all over the world to get a good taste of Ecuador and all the treasures it has to offer is a great pleasure to me. So if you would like to have a special experience in this diverse country full of adventures, natural and cultural wonders and would like to have some support and guidance in order to have your perfect personal holiday I will gladly help you. Especially when it comes to your special wishes in enjoying the flora and fauna of Ecuador I can offer assistance.

I speak German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Happy to help you out!