By going on a cruise, you will visit two spots a day, you will get 3 meals a day and, depending on the service, also drinks.
There are about 50 independent cruise boats on the Galápagos, so there is a boat available for each budget and there are different service levels. We can offer you different types of cruises. The main differences between the boat classes are the guides (on Luxe and First class boats usually guides with a degree in biology or geography), the common spaces on board (on Luxe and First class boats sometimes have living room, sun deck, tv room or jacuzzi), on Tourist and Tourist Superior class boats there are mainly cabins with bunkbeds available and on Luxe and First class boats the cabins are bigger and there is space for a queen or sometimes even king size bed. At some First class boats the cabins even have a private balcony available. All boats we offer do have their private bathroom per room (2 people) but the quality and duration of hot water and the size and facilities of the bathroom depend strongly on the class.