M/V Evolution is equipped with cutting-edge navigation and safety equipment, coupled with all the comforts of home and more. What will make your voyage to Galapagos so memorable are all the opportunities to enjoy nature and wildlife on an un-crowded experience. Because the vessel is only for 32 guests, we will arrange a journey around your favorite activities and interests. Your galley and dining staff will turn out quality meals each day using both local and international cuisine. Your vessel is stocked with “food for thought” as well as a library containing a wealth of information on the natural history of the Galapagos plus an entertainment center complete with DVDs or videos on the Galapagos Islands and our planet. We also offer a wide selection of board games on board for guests to enjoy on their spare time. M/V Evolution is equipped with engines to cover the distances of your itinerary expeditiously. The entire ship is air conditioned for your comfort and has plenty of areas to lounge in the sun or shade. This is your vacation and time to relax and the bar is always open for drinks and refreshments. Sea kayaks are available for some additional fun and we are carrying snorkeling gear for all.



 Class  Luxury class
Capacity 32 passengers
Construction year 2004
Type Motor Yacht/ Expedition Vessel
Guide level Galapagos Naturalist guide level I
Length 60.35 m
Width 8.9 m  
Cabins 3 suits on bridge A-deck
9 cabins on C-deck
4 cabins on D-deck
Airco Yes
Snorkel Equipment & Wet-suits The snorkeling equipment (mask, tube, fins)  and wet-suits are included in the rate.

There is an Air Renewal System, Air conditioning throughout, TV / CD / VHS /DVD / Playstation 2, boutique, infirmary with MD on board, small jacuzzi, al fresco lounge, and sunbathing area.


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When visiting the Galapagos Islands for one week there are tradeoffs regarding the landing sites you can and can’t see, in a place where one can encounter as great a variation crossing from one side of a bay or island to another, as traversing the entire archipelago. This has always been the case. Recently the Galapagos National Park decided to reduce the environmental impact on its 40 + visitor landing sites by requiring that yachts wait 14 days before returning to a given National Park visitor site. As a result of this ruling each of our yachts operates two different week long itineraries. These 8 day / 7 night itineraries run Saturday-to-Saturday and alternate each week. Through our complete itineraries, guests are able to see all of the Galapagos wildlife that made the Islands famous and inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. You can also combine these itineraries back-to-back to experience one, all encompassing two week long voyage.

If you only have a week to spend in the Galapagos you will be happy to know that there is no better or worse itinerary, just different. We continue to receive rave reviews for both itineraries aboard both our yachts. Passengers continue to have amazing animal encounters while experiencing the depth and breadth of what the islands offer including top notch landing sites on all itineraries.

We have put a lot of effort into obtaining permits from the Galapagos National Park that allow our yachts to visit all of the most important sites on the Islands. Many cruise operators on the islands avoid the long navigations to save costs, but we are firm believers that a true Galapagos experience involves visiting the most remote islands as well.


In the Steps of Pirates & Darwin

WH = Walks & Hikes
SN = Snorkeling
KY = Kayaking
PR = Panga Ride


Saturday: AM: Arrive Baltra Island
PM*: Daphne Island
Sunday:  AM: Isabela (Albemarle) Island: Punta Vicente Roca (SN, PR)
 PM: Fernandina Island: Punta Espinoza (WH, SN)
Monday: AM: Isabela Island: Urbina bay (WH, SN)
PM: Isabela Island: Tagus Cove (WH, SN, KY, PR)
Tuesday: AM: Bartholome: Pinnacle Rock & Overlook (WH, SN, PR)
PM: Santiago (James) Island: Sullivan Bay (WH, SN)
Wednesday: AM: Santa Cruz Island: Bachas Beach (WH, SN)
PM: Rabida Island (WH, SN, KY, PR)
Thursday:  AM: Santa Cruz Island: Pit Craters, Highlands, Wild Tortoise Reserve (WH)
 PM: Santa Cruz Island: Breeding Center (Charles Darwin Research Station) (WH)
Friday:   AM: Española (Hood) Island: Punta Suarez (WH)
  PM: Española Island: Gardner Bay/Gardner Islet/Osborn Islet (WH, SN, KY, PR)
Saturday:    AM: San Cristobal (Chatham) Island: Interpretation Center (WH)
  Late morning: San Cristobal Island: Depart for Mainland Ecuador




Footsteps back in the time..

    Saturday:            AM: Arrive to San Cristobal (Chatham) Island
PM: Lobos Island
      Sunday:             AM: South Plazas Island (WH)
PM: Santa Cruz (Indefatigable) Island: Punta Carrion / Mosquera Island (WH, SN, PR)
      Monday:            AM: Santiago (James) Island: Chinese Hat Islet (WH, SN, KY, PR)
PM: Santiago Island: James Bay / Puerto Egas (WH, SN)
     Tuesday:             AM: Genovesa (Tower) Island: Darwin Bay Beach (WH, SN, KY, PR)
PM: Genovesa Island: Prince Phillip’s Steps (WH, SN, KY, PR)
     Wednesday:        AM: North Seymour Island (WH, SN, PR)
PM: Santa Fe Island (WH, SN, KY, PR
     Thursday:            AM: Floreana (Charles) Island: Post Office Bay (WH, SN)
PM: Floreana Island: Punta Cormorant / Champion or Devil’s Crown (WH, SN, PR)               
      Friday:                AM: Santa Cruz Island: Wild Land Tortoises Reserve (Highlands) (WH)
PM: Santa Cruz Island: Breeding Center (Charles Darwin Research Station)  (WH)
     Saturday:             AM: Santa Cruz Island: Back Turtle Cove (PR)
Late Morning: Baltra Island Airport: Depart for Mainland Ecuador



All meals on board of the cruise from lunch on day 1 to breakfast on last cruise day
All activities as described with a bilingual naturalist guide
Water, tea, coffee unlimited

Snorkeling equipment & Wet-suits 
Accommodation in a double room with a private bathroom
Airport transfers in Galapagos (when your flights arrive on the same day as start date of the cruise and when your flight leaves the same day as the end date of your cruise)
24/7 Dutch, English & Spanish assistance

Flights from/to Galapagos (we can also arrange the flights for you)
Galapagos National Park entrance fee: $100 p.p.
Migratory Control Card: $20 p.p.
Isabela dock fee $5 p.p. (if the itinerary includes Isabela island)
Water taxis (from and to the shore)
Alcoholic drinks
Personal expenses
Optional tips for the guide
Personal travel insurance

Please contact us for the up to date pricing.
It is possible that during high season the prices increase or that some time before departure the prices decreases and that it become a last minute deal.


  • 0% Credit card fee for Last Minute Cruises: for customers who book a cruise with Rebecca Adventure Travel, the quoted price is the final one. There is no extra charge for the credit card payment.
  • Personal attention: the team would like to get to know the customers so they can create the perfect holiday;
  • The staff: the staff use their passion and own travel experiences to create tours of high quality;
  • Authenticity: the tours are personally selected by Rebecca and are a unique and authentic experience;
  • Tailor made: tell the team your preferences and they will create an unforgettable experience;
  • 24/7 assistance: our team can be contacted 24/7 by phone in case of emergencies or unexpected situations (they speak English, Spanish and Dutch!);
  • Insurances: customers will be traveling safely with Rebecca Adventure Travel because they are insured by Dutch guarantee funds (GGTO & VvKR).

*It is important that you will have current travel insurance including personal medical insurance. Please inform us of any known medical conditions you have.
*The operator reserves the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather, National Park regulations or notifications and unforeseeable circumstances.