A combination of the Galapagos Islands and the diversity of the stunning Ecuadorian main land, for a full Ecuador – experience. Ecuador is a small, dazzling country that will make you vibrate. Together with Galapagos, this is a perfect getaway for wildlife lovers. From the big Amazon jungle to the huge Andean volcanoes to the amazing beaches and captivating blue water of the Galapagos Archipelago.

You will explore the beautiful Andes region, with its (active) volcanoes, colonial towns, and vast landscapes. Quito, the capital city of the Andes, contains lots of treasures to be explored. Its jewel is the old town, which is part of UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Then the Amazon region with its huge biodiverse ecosystem. You will be enchanted by the varying sceneries of the mythical jungle. Its warm-hearted local people living in the area will definitely make you feel welcome. With a local guide you will hike deep inside the jungle and discover its mysterious tales.This Amazon basin experience will leave you full of vitality.
Furthermore, you can dive into clean crystal clear waters in Galapagos Islands. Enjoy the precious beaches and be amazed by the incredible flora and fauna. The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of 19 volcanic islands. Located 1,000 km from the South American continent, which is sometimes called a unique living museum. Its diversity of flora and fauna is one of the most unique in the entire world. The isolation of this islands led to the development of unusual animal diversity, that you will be able to observe.

Dare yourself to explore the wonders of Ecuador!

Quilotoa, Andes Rebecca Adventure Travel

Quilotoa Lagoon, Andes

Ecuador together with Galapagos

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