A trip through mainland Ecuador is pretty impressive. The country has three drastically different regions, the Andes mountains, the Amazon jungle and the Pacific coast. Each regions has its own unique fauna and flora, climate and culture.

In the ANDES MOUNTAIN REGION you can visit the stunning colonial centers of Quito and Cuenca, visit the colorful traditional indigenous market of Otavalo. There are several national parks where you can hike, bike or go horseback riding. You can stand on the actual equator, visit the Ingapirca ruins that were built by the Cañari people and used by the Incas. Driving through the impressive Andean highlands, with its countless mountains and volcanoes, will leave you speechless.

The AMAZON JUNGLE is incredible bio diverse and will surprise you with its incredible nature and wildlife. You can go to the subtropical areas or kayak or canoe deep into the jungle. During day and night hikes, a native naturalist guide will tell you more about the practical en medicinal uses of jungle plants. In some of the trips you’ll even visit an indigenous community.

The PACIFIC COAST of Ecuador has many beautiful, sometimes hidden, beaches and bays where you can simply relax. You could also take Spanish or surfing lessons or practise any windsport (like paragliding). The coast is also renowned for its delicious seafood.

The highlights of Ecuador trips let you visit two or more regions and take you along their most beautiful places.

Types of Ecuador Highlight Trips: