Rebecca Adventure Travel offers great day tours in Quito and its surroundings. There are shared and private tours available. The shared day tours are with an English speaking guide and private tours as well.

Quito Surroundings  

It is not necessary to travel great distances to find amazing places, near the Ecuadorian capital. It is possible to visit new attractions, to enjoy the gastronomy and to make the most of your holidays not staying far away from Quito. Below we share with you a list of tourist sites near Quito:

Tours Departing from Quito:

Baños Rafting Day Adventure – Beautiful destination located just 3 hours away from Quito.Tourists love to come to Baños for outdoor activities like rafting, canyoning, horseback riding, canopy, mountain biking or hiking. There is a beautiful route through the most impressive waterfalls of Ecuador, “Ruta de las Cascadas”

Cotopaxi National Park – The Cotopaxi volcano is 5.897 meters high and is incredibly beautiful with its snow-capped slope. Did you know it is also the highest active one in the world? Located at just 1.5 hours South of Quito. This National Park with its beautiful paramo landscapes and its iced snow peak is definitely worth visiting. While going through this park, the calmness, quietness, and nature will take your breath away.

Mindo – Approximately 2 hours from Quito (using the Calacalí-Los Bancos route). Here you can watch birds, do extreme sports, taste the gastronomy of the area, make tours of trails. Next to visiting the chocolate factory and ziplining, it is also possible to spot a lot of hummingbirds and butterflies.

Otavalo Market Day – Enjoy a cultural day 1.5 hours North of Quito, during an Otavalo market day tour. Otavalo is also called the Indigenous capital of Ecuador. The area is special because there are still a lot of Indigenous people (Kichwa) living here. The culture is still so very much alive, you can almost feel it while strolling the market.

Papallacta Hot Springs –  Located approximately 1 hour from Quito,  Papallacta is a small town in Ecuador located at an altitude of 3,250 m (10600 feet) in the Andes near the Eastern mountain range, a beautiful Andes destination and the benefits of Hot Springs, makes it a magical place, which must be inlcuded in your visit to Ecuador.

Quilotoa Day Tour – This one-day cultural tour takes you to one of the most beautiful lagoons in Ecuador and South America: the amazing Laguna Quilotoa. Also, it will bring you to local villages located in the Andes. It is the perfect mix of Andean nature and Ecuadorian culture.

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