The Galapagos Island Hopping Budget Tours are designed for travelers on a budget, who want to see the highlights of the beautiful Galapagos Islands while doing lots of activities. During these tours you will enjoy an all-inclusive package.

The Galapagos Archipelago is a very special place in the world. All 19 islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1.000 kilometers away from the South American Coast. The Archipelago has a unique flora and fauna, due to the special natural processes that take place. There is ongoing seismic and volcanic activity and the islands are extremely isolated, which makes that a lot of special and unique animal species found a place to live here. For this reason, this marine reserve is sometimes called a ‘ living museum and showcase of evolution’. In 1835 Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos, which contributed to the development of his theory of evolution.

With the Galapagos Island Hopping Budget Tours you will see the highlights of the Galapagos Islands with a good range of activities, with English speaking guides. You can have different guides every day and groups (sizes and travelers) can vary. You will stay in a standard tourist class hotels with a private room and bathroom. All tours include three basic meals a day, transportation on and between the islands and activities mentioned in the tour itinerary.

Departure is possible every day of the year. All tours can be booked by a single guest, small or big groups.

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