My name is Ashley Sommen, I was born and raised in Breda, the Netherlands.

In January 2014, I came to Ecuador for a volunteer project on the Galapagos Islands. First, I took some Spanish classes and I traveled through the divers and beautiful country called Ecuador. During the Spanish classes in Quito, I got to meet Rebecca. We have a lot in common and that’s why we’re working together now.
I can introduce myself as the coordinator/host on the Galapagos islands. I am working for Hotel Galapagos Planet and the organic restaurant and farm called ¨Otoy¨.
During your travel program at the Galapagos, I will guide and help you wherever it’s needed,
I am a Permanent Resident of the Galapagos since I am married to a local. Not only did I fell in love with my husband, I also fell in love with everything on this Island. I would like to let you have the same feeling and experiences on the Galapagos as I had and as I still have.
It’s such a unique and spectacular place, so don’t doubt any longer and come visit us and the amazing wildlife animals on the Galapagos!