We at Rebecca Adventure Travel have selected several amazing Amazon tours, to make your journey to this diverse country complete. You can try to spot animals and make incredible hikes in several parts of the Oriente. Here you can decide which program fits your wishes the best. There are different Amazon regions you can visit in Ecuador; the Cuyabeno, Yasuni and the beginning of the Amazon close to Tena.

Amazon tours

Program in Cuyabeno
These programs in the Cuyabeno area guarantee that you will have the ultimate Amazon tours experience. We have a 4 and 5-day Cuyabeno tour or a 9-day tour in combination with Quito for you. Cuyabeno is located far into the Amazon, only reachable by boat and it is one of the most pristine places on the planet. It is reachable from Lago Agrio, from where the pick-up point is. In the Cuyabeno Wildlife reserve, you can find many different ecosystems. Within the reserve, you can spot different types of plants and animals. On your way, you can already spot some animals with your guide. You can spot monkeys, tropical birds, pink dolphins and if you are lucky, even anacondas. Looking for an adventure without being disturbed by your cellphones and social media? Then, we can offer several tours:

4/5 Day Cuyabeno Eco-Lodge

9 Day mix of Quito & Cuyabeno

Cuyabeno, Amazon Tours with Rebecca Adventure Travel

Cuyabeno, Amazon

Program in Napo
There are also Amazon tours around Tena. This is about 4 hours driving from Quito, into the Napo area in the east of Ecuador. This is not as far into the Amazon as Cuyabeno, so you are still able to communicate with the world. In the Napo area, you can find natives that remained isolated on purpose. Due to the fact that Napo is not as far as Cuyabeno, you will have wifi, phone reception and the lodges are a bit more luxurious. At Napo, you can make incredible hikes here, see a waterfall and visit a community. Nature is not as pristine as in Cuyabeno due to the development of the surroundings. You might see a monkey and some birds but not as much as you would see in Cuyabeno. 

3 Day Napo Adventure

5 Day mix with Andes & Napo Eco-Lodge

Orellana Amazon tours Rebecca Adventure Travel


Program in Coca
Offering a lodge in the Yasuni area of the Amazon, close to Coca. Rebecca Adventure Travels promotes the Amazon tours. This is a very remote area since it is very far into the Amazon. Yasuni is famous for its extraordinary biodiversity and its authentic indigenous cultures. Here the chances of spotting a lot of wildlife, and special animals are the biggest. You will have the chance to spot birds, monkeys, and even jaguars. But therefore, the most adventurous.

Monkey, Yasuni Amazon Tours with Rebecca Adventure Travel

Monkey, Yasuni

4 Day Eco-Lodge Coca

There is also a kayak tour in the Coca area where you will also visit the Kichwa tribe. This program is the best for adventurous people, nature lovers, and wildlife watchers. Enjoy the Ecuadorian Amazon region through Kayak, special memories guaranteed!

5 Day Yasuni Kayak Exploration

Local Tribe, Amazon Tours Rebecca Adventure Travel

Local Tribe, Orellana


You can also contact us to create a customized trip, as for getting advise from the Rebecca Adventure Travel team members.