My name is Adriana Nunez, I was born in Ecuador. When I was at the University I decided to study a Bachelor degree in Hotel Management. Then in order to improve my english, I decide to take one year english program in London and travel around Europe then I came back to Ecuador and I worked in the Hospitality Industry.

After that I applied to a international programm to get some experience as a Hotel Management in Australia, living in Sydney was the best personal and professional experience because I met a lot of people from different cultures and I learned who to work in a foreign system.

I strongly believe that Ecuador have a lot of potential in the tourism industry and I have always passionate about showing my  own culture and the Ecuadorian traditions to the guest with excellent service to give the tourist the best experience.

In Ecuador there are too much to do and visit every city and town have their own traditions and amazing attractions that Rebecca Adventure Travel offers in their tours and it will be glad to assist and recommended the best option for you.