Starting July 22nd, 2018, health insurance is a requirement for foreigners coming to Ecuador. When families or individuals decide to go on a vacation, they do everything they can to ensure their journey will be safe and fun. As part of the preparation for traveling, guests obtain: passports, visas, immunizations and even studying everything they can about the place they are traveling to. Now getting a health insurance is part of this procedure for those traveling to Ecuador. This insurance helps travelers if some unforeseen illness or injury occurs on vacation. Of course international health insurance varies depending on the type of trip you are taking, however, it’s an important consideration to make prior to booking a trip to Ecuador.

Why is Health Insurance necessary when traveling?

International health insurance covers you away from home- whether you are eating Chontacrudos in the Ecuadorian Amazon or scaling Machu Picchu in Peru, international health insurance can follow. It’s a way to stay protected during your adventures. Hopefully, you will not use your health insurance, during your trip but better be safe than sorry. Medical bills can be hefty, but international health insurance can assist with these costs. If you are severely injured, you are not going to want any additional stress.

Here you can find the official document sent by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador