2017 was a great year! So, our team gathered to celebrate it with a lovely dinner!

This past year, we experienced new adventures and shared the amazing world of traveling with you!

So, we spent a great night at Quitu Restaurant located in La Mariscal area in the heart of Quito’s nightlife. We shared lots of laughs, drinks, and had a new culinary experience of local gourmet cuisine. “Quitu Restaurant” served delicious Ecuadorian style tapas. We enjoyed delicious plates of tender meat, seafood, and fruity desserts.

A new year allows us to dream about our next travel destination. We are certain that traveling makes you a much more contented, happy and relaxed person. That is why we are committed to providing the best travel experiences of Latin America through local eyes.


Each team member contributes significantly to the tours by dipping into their own cultural experiences and adventurous travels. All of these experiences contribute to providing a good service and authentic trips.

The Rebecca Adventure Travel team starts the year of 2018 full of motivation to create even more new adventures! Please keep tuned to discover more adventures!