Last March we had a lovely family from the Netherlands visiting Ecuador. Due to a very special occasion, the 60th birthday of Peter, his wife Nanette invited their 2 sons and girlfriends, her parents and close family friend to this important holiday.

The trip started off with a stay at the fabulous Hotel Plaza Grande and a day tour to the Historical Centre of Quito. The family was very interested in the history of the churches we visited, so they asked many questions about it. The next stop was the ultimate Andes experience: Hacienda San Agustin, close to the Cotopaxi volcano. The next day the family went to the Quilotoa lagoon where they went on a beautiful hike inside the crater. They loved the spectaculair view and beautiful nature. The last day in the Ecuadorian Andes was spent in one of the most beautiful haciendas: Zuleta. They visited the Condor Centre and enjoyed so much the horse ride in the breathtaking nature of the Andes. The amazing meals and cheese tasting make a stay at Hacienda Zuleta absolutely indispensable.

The second part of their holiday was spent was on the Galapagos Islands, an 8 day cruise on board of the M/Y Evolution and the last days of pure relaxation at Eco-Hotel Finch Bay.

The family was very satisfied with the services we provided and you can read their reviews here:

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TripAdvisor review Aarts

TripAdvisor review Aarts

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Please contact us if you are interested in a specially designed family holiday as well.