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This beautiful 12 Day Galapagos Adventure will take you to amazing landscapes located 1.000 km away from the South American continent in the Pacific Ocean. These 19 islands and the surrounding marine reserve have been called a unique “showcase of evolution”. The Galapagos Islands are the perfect combination of fertile volcanic land and unique flora and fauna species. These animals inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection after his visit in 1835.

Land iguana on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Rebecca Adventure Travel offers a unique experience of the Galapagos islands. This 12-day program is absolutely best to take if you have time enough at the Galapagos Islands and if you would like to take the time to see everything very profoundly.

On this 12 day individual travel program, you will experience the highlights of the Galapagos with Punta Carola, Playa Mann, Las Tijerertas, Kicker Rock/Punta Pitt/Española, Flamingo Lagoon, Puerto Chino, Concha Perla, the Charles Darwin Research Station, Tortuga Bay, Los Tuneles, Lava Tunnels, a day tour to Santa Fe and the Twin Craters. You will stay in Galapagos Planet Hotel in San Cristobal, Hotel Fernandina or Deja Vu in Santa Cruz and San Vicente or La Laguna in Isabela. You will stay in a private double room with private bathroom in all three hotels. You will have different guides during your tours and you could be joined by other travelers on your day tours. This program can start every single day. 




At arrival, a guide from the Galapagos Planet Hotel will be waiting for you to bring you to your hotel. At your first day, you can do a self-guided program at Punta Carola, Playa Mann, Las Tijeretas and the Galapagos Interpretation Center. It is possible to visit this with a guide, with extra costs depending on a number of people.
Overnight at Hotel Galapagos Planet or similar.

DAY 2 (B, L):
Today you will have a day tour to either Kicker Rock, with snorkeling; a day tour to Punta Pitt with snorkeling and hiking; or a day tour to Española, with snorkeling as well. The departures depend to Galapagos National Park regulations, so we have to check which one is possible. If you are going to Punta Pitt you will pass by Kicker Rock so you can take pictures but you won’t stop there.
Overnight at Hotel Galapagos Planet.

Kicker Rock: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
Punta pitt: Every Friday and Sunday +25 USD per person
Española: Every Monday and Thursday +115 USD per person

DAY 3 (B, L):
Today you will have a private highlands tour by car with a visit to Puerto Chino, La Galapaguero (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays feeding days), El Junco volcano and the Otoy hacienda, including a short hike. Puerto Chino is a beautiful white beach where you can enjoy the Pacific Ocean. You have to hike for about 10 minutes to get there. The Galapaguero is a breeding center for the San Cristobal giant tortoises. They have feeding days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but they are open 7 days a week. After these activities, you go to Hacienda Otoy in the San Cristobal highlands. This ecological produce the giant tortoises’ food Otoy and other fruits and vegetables. You have a delicious lunch here and after lunch, you can walk around the hacienda. On the way back you can hike up to the top of the El Junco volcano.
Overnight in Hotel Galapagos Planet.

DAY 4 (B):
Today you have a day off to enjoy San Cristobal by yourself. 
Overnight in Hotel Galapagos Planet.

DAY 5 (B):
Early in the morning, you will go to Santa Cruz by public speedboat (7 AM). The boat ride takes about 2,5 hours. The coordinator takes you to the hotel and the rest of the day you have to relax and explore the island by yourself. Accommodation at Hotel Fernandina or Deja Vu.

DAY 6 (B, L, D):
In the morning, you will take the speedboat to Isabela (7 AM) where you’ll arrive around 10 AM. You will visit the wetlands and you can go snorkeling at Concha Perla. Here you can observe the colorful fishes, sea urchins, starfishes, sea lions or even sea turtles. In the afternoon you have enough time to visit the beautiful beaches and the Flamingo Lagoon by yourself. This lagoon is the largest coastal lagoon found in the Galápagos and is one of the main reproductive sites for the grand majority of flamingos. Accommodation at Hotel San Vicente or La Laguna.

DAY 7 (B, L, D): ­
Early in the morning after breakfast, you will have a tour to The Wetlands. Here you will visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, where you will spot small and giant tortoises in their natural habitat. The next activity is a visit to The Wall of Tears.

From 1946 to 1959, Isabela was designated as a penal colony by the Ecuadorian government and prisoners were obligated to build a wall with enormous blocks of solid lava. Due to the arduous labor and hard conditions prisoners lived in, this site is known as El Muro de Lagrimas. Additionally, you will visit a small lava tunnel. “Tunel del Estero”, a 75m path with adequate lava plates ending in a staircase inside a lava tunnel. Above the tunnel, you can see the intertidal landscape that offers a tapestry of Galapagos Sesuvium between “El Túnel del Estero” and Love Beach.
*Please have in mind that the total length of the walk in The Wetlands area is approximately 3 to 4 hours.

After lunch, you will have a little break and then you will visit Tintoreras Islet. It is called like this due to a large crack, in which white-tip sharks known as Tintoreras come daily to rest at the bottom. You will have a transport which will take you to the pier of Puerto Villamil, here you will board a boat for 10 minutes to cross to the islet which is located across the bay. It will be necessary for passengers to use walking shoes or sneakers (closed shoes) to cross the volcanic rocks. You can also observe penguins, sea lions, marine iguanas and you can go snorkeling with colorful tropical fish while enjoying the beaches of Isabela.Accommodation at Hotel San Vicente or La Laguna Hotel.

DAY 8 (B):
Time to explore Isabela by yourself. Accommodation at Hotel San Vicente or Hotel La Laguna

Espumilla Beach, Santiago Island

DAY 9 (B, L, D):
This day on Isabela Island you will go on a boat tour to Los Tuneles, where you can go snorkeling with white tip sharks, sea horses, and manta rays. This will probably be the most impressive day of your Galapagos tour! Accommodation at Hotel San Vicente or La Laguna.

DAY 10 (B, L)­:
In the morning, you will take a speedboat back to Santa Cruz (6 AM) and in the afternoon you will go the highlands of Santa Cruz. Here you will find the giant tortoises. You will also stop at the Lava Tunnels of the highlands. This place has been shaped with lava flows over centuries. It is a 30-minute walk where you can perceive intact stands of vegetation zones, including dense scalesia forest and miconia. Accommodation at Hotel Fernandina or Deja Vu.

DAY 11 (B, L)­:
After breakfast you will travel to Santa Fe Island which is also called Barrington Island after Admiral Samuel Barrington, is a small island of 24 km² which lies in the center of the Galapagos archipelago. Geologically, it is one of the oldest islands in the archipelago, since volcanic rocks from about 4 million years old have been found here. The vegetation of the island is characterized by brush, palo santo trees, and stands of a large variety of the prickly pear cactus and Opuntia echios. Among animals, Santa Fe is home to endemic species: the Barrington Land Iguana (Conolophus pallidus) and the Santa Fe Rice Rat (Aegialomys galapagoensis bauri). You will enter the bay of Santa Fe in a curious panga ride, depending on the conditions, and you will start the trip with a very nice snorkeling activity. Here you will be able to see beautiful wildlife and majestic cliffs. You have a “wet landing” here which means there is no dock in Santa Fe, the boats get on the beach and from there you will disembark in the sea so you bring shorts and shoes that can get wet. Also, you will observe colonies of sea lions, blue-footed boobies, and marine iguanas. After lunch, you will return to Santa Cruz Island to rest and relax in the hotel. If you would like to receive pictures that the guide takes in Santa Fe please bring your own USB stick.

DAY 12 (B):

Before you will be brought back to the airport, you will have a visit to the Twin Craters on your way. These are no real craters, but they look like it. They were formed by a collision in the earth. After taken stunning pictures of this view, you will continue your way to the airport.

Accommodation in double or single private rooms at a standard tourist class hotels
All meals included. 11x Breakfast, 7x Lunch (can be lunch boxes on outdoors activities) and 5x Dinner
English speaking naturalist guide (local Galapagos guide)
Transfer in from San Cristobal airport and transfer out to Baltra airport 
Transportation between Islands
24/7 assistance in Dutch, English, and Spanish

Flight Quito – Galapagos – Quito
Galapagos National Park entrance fee: $100 p.p.
Migratory Control Card: $20 p.p.
Isabela dock fee $10 p.p.
Water taxi $1 p.p. each way (this is a small boat that takes you from the Speedboat to the Harbor and vice versa)
Wet-suits rent $5 p.p. (recommendable between May-November)
Other food and drinks not mentioned in itinerary
Alcoholic drinks
Personal expenses
Optional tips for the guide

12 Days/ 11 Nights – $2.490 p.p. based on 4 guests
12 Days/ 11 Nights – $2.840 p.p. based on 2 guests
* For children under 12 years old we can offer a discount. Please contact us for the exact amount.

All the Galapagos Island Hoppings are Shared Group Tours. This means you have a different guide every day and a different coordinator on every island. It will be a mix between group day tours and individual private day tours. You will be with different guests at the group tours.


  • Personal attention: the team would like to get to know the customers so they can create the perfect holiday;
  • The staff: the staff use their passion and own travel experiences to create tours of high quality;
  • Authenticity: the tours are personally selected by Rebecca and are a unique and authentic experience;
  • Tailor made: tell the team your preferences and they will create an unforgettable experience;
  • 24/7 assistance: our team can be contacted 24/7 by phone in case of emergencies or unexpected situations (they speak English, Spanish and Dutch!);
  • Insurances: customers will be traveling safely with Rebecca Adventure Travel because they are insured by Dutch guarantee funds (GGTO & VvKR).

* Please note that the food during the tour is basic local Ecuadorian food, if you prefer to dine outside your hotel, please let us know and we can give you a discount of USD 10 per day per person. 
* There might be last minute Galapagos cruise deals available, please contact us for more info.
* Please try to bring small bags and luggage, The Galapagos public transportation is on average small and it takes more time and space when you bring large baggage.
* Please let your guide know if you decide to have dinner outside of the hotels.
* This itinerary is fixed, it can’t be changed. If you are looking for a customized itinerary, please send us an email.
* It is important that you will have current travel insurance including personal medical insurance. Please inform us of any known medical conditions you have.
* Please note that tap water at the Galapagos might contain bacteria so we recommend to always use bottled water, even when brushing your teeth.
* Consider informing yourself with your doctor about food safety when traveling to tropical countries and precaution measurements on how to avoid food poisoning (e.g. always wash your hands always before eating, don’t eat things on the kiosks on the street, only eat peeled fruit, etc.).
* Rebecca Adventure Travel can not take any responsibility for any illnesses or missed meals & tours due to an illness.
* The operator reserves the right to change the itinerary without previous notice due to weather, National Park regulations or notifications and unforeseeable circumstances.

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